Female-Owned Optical and Vision Center

*Due to moral hazard reasons, we have used pseudonames in place of the entrepreneur's actual names.

Tala, a young female entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in optics and vision science, worked in a health center as an optician after completing her studies. Following that experience she partnered with a friend, Yasmin, to open an optical and vision center in their city.

They obtained a business license from the Ministry of Health and put forward approximately 78 percent of the financing needs for their business. In order to obtain the final 22 percent capital needs for the business, which would be used for purchasing medical equipment, they approached a local bank. Despite their work experience and ability to finance the majority of the business, the bank required them to provide excessively high collateral to receive the loan. Because the friends did not have enough capital to meet the collateral requirements, they would have been rejected similar to many other local small business owners.

However, MEII was able to work “behind the scenes” with the banks to review the viability of Yasmin and Tala’s loan application, business plan, and ability to repay the loan. After further assessment of the application and coupled with partial guarantees from MEII partners, the local bank agreed to extend the loan to Tala and Yasmin.

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