Strategy of MEII
MEII’s objective is to increase access to finance for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Palestine, and decreasing barriers to financial inclusion for over 90% of small businesses in Palestine.
SME’s in Palestine
SMEs are integral to the Palestinian economy and make up the vast majority of Palestinian enterprises. They serve as a primary source of employment, attract investments and are central to efforts for increasing economic prosperity. 99% of economic enterprises in the occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) are SMEs, (with less than 20 employees) as of 2010. Most of these are conventional in nature, that operates in light industries, primary consumption goods production, (mainly food products, clothing, non – metallic products, and furniture).

In spite of the Palestinian National Authority’s (PNA) active support for an attractive business environment in the WBGS, there has been little or no attention given to supporting MSMEs and their activities. MSMEs have consequently been facing numerous obstacles to their development, especially: the absence of a law that acknowledges their existence or defines their status, absence of a legal framework for operations, limited benefit and use of PNA policies intended to enhance investments and support businesses, lack of information regarding MSMEs and finally and most importantly, limited financing opportunities although the financing needs of Palestinian SMEs over the short and medium term are substantial.

As for credit penetration and access, the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2013 ranked the west bank and Gaza 162 out of 185 countries. It is lower than the regional average of 128.

MEII is making a big difference in Palestine, mostly in WBGS,  through several programs it runs and manages there, especially regarding facilitating access to credit for SME’s and providing needed Technical Assistance. More insights of MEII’s work and accomplishments in Palestine can be found on the website mainly under Expertise and Impacts.

Areas of Focus

  • Mobile banking
  • Direct Finance
  • Technical Assistance



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