Strategy of MEII
MEII’s objective is to increase access to finance for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Tunisia, and decreasing barriers to financial inclusion for over 90% of small businesses in Tunisia.

SME’s in Tunisia

SMEs play a vital role in Tunisia because at least 97.8% of Tunisian firms (across all sectors) fall into this category as of 2011. In 2010 it was reported that SME’s employ more than  50% of the workforce in the private sector. The main consequence of the prevalence of SMEs in Tunisia’s economic landscape is that all economic development strategies are de facto based on the performance of this category of companies.
SMEs ability to obtain financing for their business operations and investments is therefore crucial to Tunisia s future economic development.

However, access to credit in Tunisia remains limited, particularly for the low-income workers and for consumers. Banks generally neglect micro, small, and medium enterprises, which mainly are part of the informal economy.
MEII is currently making a difference in Tunisia through the programs it runs and manages there, especially regarding facilitating access to credit for SME’s. More insights of MEII’s work and accomplishments in Tunisia can be found on the website mainly under Expertise and Impacts.

Areas of Focus

  • Mobile banking
  • Direct Finance
  • Technical Assistance


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