The Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII), a non-profit organization, that leverages public and private resources to deliver finance and technical assistance programs to stimulate sustainable economic activity and long-lasting job creation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Through our efforts, we intend to support private sector growth, create jobs, strengthen institutions, improve gender equality, reach marginalized communities, and increase economic activity and prosperity across the region.

Our Mission

MEII’s core capability revolves around finance using debt, equity, guarantees, leasing, insurance, microfinance, mortgage finance, and derivatives coupled with technical assistance and capacity building to foster economic development and job creation. Recognizing the importance of financial inclusion whether in the form of SME access to credit, affordable housing loans, or banking for the poor, MEII designs and deploys finance programs that strike a balance between development and profits to stimulate sustainable economic development and investments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Building on the conviction that a sound economic base is one clear path to social and political stability, MEII effectively leverages public and private resources to deliver sustainable financial solutions to foster long-term economic development.  

MEII is not a top heavy organization with a large Washington-based overhead. Rather it invests in resources in the countries where it works to ensure its multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi-cultural team of professionals design innovative programs within the local context.

The Palestinian Political Risk Insurance effort is what the Clinton Global Initiative is about. We have Palestinians, Americans, Europeans, Israelis, insurance experts, business people, lawyers, financial sector specialists, regional specialists all contributing their time, energy, and resources to meet this challenge and make a difference in this very important part of the world.
— President William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States