The stories and meaning behind our work is as important to us as our economic data. We maximize our impact by working with local actors to design projects that fit their needs, hiring local staff to carry out the projects, and partnering with local institutions to ensure the impact continues even after our projects end. As a result, our stories come not just from our project beneficiaries, but also from our staff and partners. Below are a select group of stories that demonstrate our impact on-the-ground.

Female-Owned Optical and Vision Center


*Due to moral hazard reasons, we have used pseudonyms in place of the entrepreneurs' actual names.

Tala, a young female entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in optics and vision science, worked in a health center as an optician after completing her studies. Following that experience she partnered with a friend, Yasmin, to open an optical and vision center in their city.

Patisserie SHOP

MEII provided this Palestinian entrepreneur with technical assistance, and facilitated a loan through its innovative matchmaking platform.

Photographs provided by Natalie Stephan, MEII Palestine Staff.


This Kindergarten was founded 10 years ago by a dedicated and passionate educator who successfully built a wonderful reputation among parents, but who struggled with her financial performance.
MEII provided technical assistance and developed her booking and accounting system so that this ambitious entrepreneur could focus more on educating her 600 children instead of struggling with her back of the envelop financial system.   

Photographs and description provided by Fawz Abuhijleh, MEII Palestine Staff.


Mohammed and his two brothers own and work in a strawberry farm green house in a village near Tulkarem in the northern West Bank. They invested in a new method of planting strawberries in hanging pots, instead of soil, which dramatically increases production yield. However, without an accounting system, they struggled with their finances and financial performance.

Photographs and description provided by Fawz Abuhijleh, MEII Palestine Staff.


Suzanne, a pharmacist living in a village near Ramallah, is an ambitious and active entrepreneur. She is not only the founder and owner of two local pharmacies, but has become a beloved public figure within her local community and a role model for all the young girls in her village.

MEII helped her learn the skills she needed to record, track, and understand her financial transactions and develop new financial statements. The accounting software also allowed her to track stock quantity and manage the expiration of pharmaceutical products in her business. 

Photographs and description provided by Fawz Abuhijleh, MEII Palestine Staff.